Chiwetel Ejiofor: Green Lantern Proposition

I understand that they have already cast Nick Jones in the role of Jon Stewart for the Green Lantern movie.

But the idea of Chiwetel Ejiofor as a Green Lantern has stuck with me mainly because of his body of work. If you were to peruse his CV you would see the diversity of acting ability which I site as the basis for him playing this role.

I took me so long to actually get to work on this thing all while i had Ps at my disposal. What a sloth I am.

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Lolita Challenge

I miss drawing with Ink.


2011 01 20

A Tangled Review.

"This is the story of how I died." These were the opening words of Disney’s 50th animated feature Tangled. The Disney Studios has announced that Tangled would be their final fairy tale story which sounds even worse after you have seen Tangled.
The casting of Mandy Moore as Rapunzel a was pitch perfect, as Tangled is a Disney movie, and like many Disney movies musical numbers abound. Donna Murphy as Mother Gothel who has locked away sweet Rapunzel has one of the best songs titled "Mother Knows Best" warns our heroin of the perils awaiting her should she venture into the wide wild world. Zachary Levi as Flynn Rider is no slouch holding his own in a show stopping duet titled "I See The Light" set against the most beautifully staged sequence in the movie. Rapunzel is a musical make no mistake, the scenes that feature singing and dancing happen in the most organic way possible never feeling tacked-on or forced as an interlude in the story.
Disney's Rapunzel is adorable, insufferably so. Dare i say she may well be the most beautifull among all Disney Princesses or maybe I'm just more partial to blondes but face value aside Rapunzel as a character is what wins you over. Unlike other princesses this one is proactive setting complicated gears in motion to fulfil a simple goal. Flynn Rider can hold your attention and has gained the most at the end of the movie after he makes the biggest sacrifice getting his ass handed to him by a horse. Mother Gothel we all know is evil but putting on the guise of a caring mother to keep Rapunzel.
Tangled is a return to form for Disney now with John Lasseter taking the reigns at Disney Animation Studios. There is an obvious hike in quality when your protagonist and antagonist are not the only memorable characters in the movie. As many of the other Disney classics the side characters enhance the experience. Little Mermaid and her fishy friends, Aladdin and his Genie, Simba and his Hakunamatata friends, and Belle and her menagerie of anthropomorphised household appliances. Tangled certainly has these and more mainly in Maximus a zealous Imperial Horse and Pascal Rapunzels long suffering but equally understanding house-mate/pet chameleon. Even on route we meet a interesting collection of ruffians who break into a chorus titled "I've Got a Dream" inspired by Rapunzel.
As beautiful as Rapunzel is the world they inhabit is equally as gorgeous. Never have I seen so many variations of the colour green. Beautifully rendered the forest seems alive even though we only see parts of it as our Main Characters travel through it. This may be a CG movie but it the look and feel of it has that unmistakable charm of a classic Disney fairytale.
All these elements come together to bring you a delightful version of a story your heard many times before and you’ll be happy to add this version to tell at bedtime.


Jumping on the Band Wagon John Cho Vs. Jay Chou

This screensnap was taken January 16,2001 12:41pm Local Time

I dont usually jump on the latest MEME or internet sensation but this just made me smile.

This has already been reported on CineBoobs and /Film.

Now im sure that this little-mistake is just that: a little-mistake. I'm sure there are more grievous faux pas perpetrated all over the internet and indeed outside cyberspace, with much more damaging results. Though there might be even some people who see this and think "I dont see whats wrong." or "Thats not very funny." Some should really inform IMDB about this. But for anyone else let us all take a breath snicker and move-on.