Performed on December 22, 2011 during the Stereo Sushi Benefit Gig for Iligan and Cagayan de Oro Victims of Typhoon Sendong.

This song was composed by Ryan Cerdiña(singer) for the namesake of the song his uncle Virgilio.

You can still donate to the Philippine Red Cross to help the victims of Typhoon Sendong.

Sleigh Ride - John Pizzarelli - CONAN


Sending more than just Prayers and wishes

In December 16, 2011 the Southern part of the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Sendong. Iligan and Cagayan de Oro are now in need of HELP. Food, clothing, medicine, and anything that you can do to help my poor, battered, suffering countrymen will be of greatest value especially this Christmas Season to those who would receive it.  

On a lighter note, while back home here in Tacloban City, it warms my heart that the spirit of giving has visited the residents of our little patch of earth. Stereo Sushi a local dining establishment here in Tacloban City,  held  donation drive for the victims of  Typhoon Sendong. And so they came to share their surplus with those less fortunate. 

Photos Courtesy of Lina-Vanessa Paulsen

The event was a success to say the least donations poured in until late in the evening. And all people pitched in toe sort and pack items ready for delivery. 

[L tp R] Niña Bañez-Cerdiña[Stereo Sushi]
Ryan Samuryeski Cerdiña[Patik Tattoo Studio]
Danika Cristyn C, Astilla[The Lush Garden]

The main event was certainly the packing and surely if the amount that we gave that night would be any indication, this event is certainly rated a success. 
The mood throughout was not sombre. To accompany the night was a little entertainment. One of the highlights would be when the owner and Chef of Stereo Sushi himself took the stage for a performance.

All in all it was a great night, thanks to the nice music, the new people I met , to the dinner courtesy of my friend Lot-Lot ... 


and especially since the night enforced my view that there are still people who in their heart-of-hearts are GOOD.

Carol of the Bells - Ottawa Regional Youth Choir - Algonquin College


Goethe Institut: Comics, Manga & Co.

History is written by the winners

I have certainly never been one to latch on to a fad. And for most of my life I feel good that I have never "go(ne) with the flow". This sometimes is a detrement to me for example: When Carlos Santana's album Supernatural(1999), I resisted to listening to the first single Smooth until it was loosing its top spot in popular music charts. And I was floored by musicianship at it highest form. But then there are instances where I am quite happy with not associating with the fray. I have been subjected to usual programming of the local media simply because of proximity - ease of access if you will. Thankfully during my childhood we had cable. And rather than watch the local channels like ABS-CBN, GMA, and or ABC, I consumed other acronyms like CNN, NBC, TNT, HBO and CN(Cartoon Network).

I should first lay out my cards. I come from Region VIII of the Philippines SPECIFICALLY, Tacloban City. Most of you who have not yet been brainwashed to a certain extent will realize the importance of the previous sentence. If not let me spell it out for you. I come from a province where Imelda Marcos' family comes from. If you want to call me a 'Marcos Loyalist', feel free to do so. BUT, keep in mind, THAT PHRASE and anything YOU associate it with is for YOUR narrow-minded understanding.

Now. On with the Show. :)



Avila Siblings

This "friend" of mine has an incredible talent for song and music, and is never one to shy away from sharing it. Don't worry he's only wearing the hat to hide his pretty eyes. Ah, Filipinos and their Karaoke. They're like water is to soup, one cannot exist without the other. Although the Japanese are giving us a serious run for our money. Hats of to lee for attempting this song. Now for a little bit of a break, and another rendition of Kiss from a Rose from the TV show Community. Now for the other half of this post is Clar. If you liked this song you can find the lyrics here. Now for a preformance that is as some would say a bit more relaxed. And I will say better than any number that Glee can pull off. Now for some range, which she has in spades. For more of these go to his YouTube page, he is user fungoose.


Puentes de España en las Filipinas

Today my Mentor/Adviser/Professor/Friend is launching his new book at the Beato Angelico Builiding, University of Santo Tomas, España, Sampaloc, Manila.

This book is another achievement for Philippine architecture and history. This book also has a special meaning for me since I in my own small way I contributed to it. I accompanied Architect Noche during the Eastern Visayas leg of his research trip. That was quite the trip in 2007, an experience never to forget, and quite possiblly a turning point in my view of my profession.

And if you wish to grab a copy of this book it is available at the UST Publishing House. Architect Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo - Noche is also a professor at The College of Arcitecture in UST, so if you see him there when you purchase your copy you can ask him to sign it.

This is a photo of  that trip in 2007. Von(left in the green shirt) his assistant, Architect Noche(middle), and Mr. Rodrigo(Right) our trusty driver/mechanic/bodyguard for the Region VIII leg of our trip.


Tall Buildings - Jones Street Station - Bootleg Theater

Shame that I had to find out about this band and sulley it with news about the NBC's shelving of Community. For anyone familiar with the show will recognize the boisterous expression of admiration for the show with the phrase "SixSeasonsAndAMovie" which is currently trending on Twitter.
Its not all woe for Community as Jim Rash explains to The Wrap.

 "It's frustrating, but we're remaining optimistic and taking them at their word that we'll be back, and we're still shooting and continue to finish out our 22 [episodes for the season] and look forward to actually coming back,"

Now to turn that frown upside down and watch Danny and Alison rock out to some Johnny Cash.


Be Mine - Robyn - Cherrytree House/Nobel 2008

In my book Robyn qualifies as one of the underexposed pop music artists. The previous statement may not hold true in the western music scene, but I'm almost sure that to this day she get very little air time in my neck -of-the-woods. My ear was turned to her music by a mention on Katy Perry's Twitter. 
I found this gem of a song Be Mine, buried among here other compositions which is on a totally opposite spectrum from most of her music. These versions of Be Mine are live cover / ballad versions of the original.
I honestly wish she would perform more of her music this way stripped down to the bear essentials, exposing the core, as her knack for lyricism and her talent for performing is thrust forward.

The rest of the Cherrytree Session can be heard on Soundcloud. No video, but seeing as I am pushing to highlight her prowess as a singer it would be best to just let her voice just wash over you. 

Side note: I never realized that The Nobel Peace Prize actually held ceremonies of this kind. Go figure. Lovely fact though of asking Robyn to be part of the program. Im really liking that dress.

Robyn's Website
Robyn's Twitter