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In 2003 Louis Vuitton sought the eye of Takashi Murakami to rejuvenate the brand. For those familliar with the history of the the Louis Vuitton, this would mean the Japanese influence on the famous brand has come full circle. After the introduction of the Monogram Multicolore canvas range of handbags and accessories, Murakami was tapped to create this animated short for the new look.

Years later the to celebrate the successful collaboration this was released.

Wolverine Bust Project

Originally posted February 13 2008 on Multiply.

The Original

This is  the project. A 5 inch high cast of a wolverien bust , showing  his  head to waist.  i bought it a  the  Annual Philippine TOYCON last year,  for  what i can remember  to be a bit pricy. It was sub-par , dusty and  apart from the green-goblin  cast, was the coolest one there. 
Almost 9 months  hve passed since ive bought  it. Ive been putting it off due to academic commitments, on the side ive been agonizing how to work; first on the obvious problem -the Claws. and secondly on parts of his anatomy -which im guessing are his muscles-  that look like  baloons stretched  out too far then deflated.

First off was the cleaning, of the dust then drying with a towel. I began with deconstricting the model, by taking off his claws then chizzling and sanding down any parts that stick out too much due to casting.

Smoothing down the surface would be done after all the adjustments would be finalized.

The new claws would be constructed form fastfood plastic forks.  The idea came from my friend  who pointed out that the  forks -especially the two points in the middle- had the perfect teardrop shape quite simmilar to those of the original claws in the comics

The biggest challenge of the claws was the scale and the materials. Anyone whos eaten at a fastfood joints would know that these forks would break after applying little pressure to your meal. For anyone trying this technique, the best results would be obtained using clippers to cut off the fork ends to at points farthest from the parts your trying to use. Then by using a metal-filer of some sand paper. is to smoothe down the exxess sides and in the same shading the edge of the claws to have that sharp edge look. .

After finnishing off the the claws, i would be moving on to the metal ports that are the exit poits of the claws on wolveriens hands.


Stefani Germanotta - Ultraviolet Live, NYU

Stefani Germonatta now known as Lady Gaga, performing at Ultraviolet Live, NYU's annual talent show. She ended up coming in 3rd place. 2nd place was Funky Butter. 1st place was Tom Costello & Stephan Magloire.
First song is Captivated, second one is Electric Kiss

Minimum Power: Mike Wazowski


I Just Want You To Be Happy

This is one of my favourite characters in the Pigs In Spirit series. And this drawing I requested as a fan. A BIG THANK YOU to Iris Yan -creator of the Pigs series. 

I've been a fan of  Pigs In Maputo since I discovered it back in 2008. That seems like forever ago.

The Pigs comic strip has grown since then and has branched out to other areas outside of Africa. It seems also autobiographical for the creator of the web comic since it tackles personal stories about family and culture. The web comic has varying topics like race, family, spirituality, food, travel and even sex (if you have kids, you might want to screen these out).

The simplicity in the presentation of Pigs is what I most love about the series. Assigning animal totems to the people around here reminds me of Maus by Art Spiegeleman. Art Spiegelman utilized animal methaphors to show the absurdity of dividing people[Holocaust] and in the end "ment to self-destruct in my book."

This in now way diminishes the what the artist has done. And for any of the fans [like me] don't really care because there is more than meets the eye certainly in this series.

Here are a few samplings you might enjoy:

 And as an added bonus Iris talks about travel but not really. *smiles* Viagens da Iris - Iris' Travels




 Sketches made in 2006 of interiors of Lady of Lourdes Chapel

Sketches made during a sketch-walk in 2007

Sketch of a girl on a train in Japan dated April 2009

Studies of patrons inside a Dunkin Donuts in Tacloban.

A more recent sketch of the Manila Cathedral in 2011.


Podcast Mafia: Russell Brand

I have set up a new challenge for myself. To push my digital painting technique. I am going to do a series based on my favourite internet programs. Podcasting is still very niche especially in my corner of the world but the wealth and span of ideas being broadcast through out the world is wide and varied as well as entertaining. 

Russell Brand hosted a show together with Matt Morgan and Mr. Gee wit recurring guest Noel Gallagher. Starting in 2006 with co-host Trevor Lock and Matt Morgan starting at BBC Radio 6 and a rise in popularity prompting moves to BBC Radio 2 and the possibility of Russell considered for the roll of the 11th doctor. The show abruptly ended after October 18 2008 after a broadcasting controversy that saw the resignations of BBC Radio 2 Controller Lesley Douglas and Russell Brand a week later and guest host (BBC broadcasting icon) Jonathan Ross a year later.

Russell returned to the airwaves temporarily in December 2010 on UK based TalkSport Radio.

Listen to an episode of BBC Radio 2 The Russell Brand show from July 29 2008 here.
*Please be aware that the following program contains adult material. But very few adults.*