2012 10 27 Manila Weekend

I was in Mnaila for the weekend. I bought myself a new camera. The day after, I took my camera for a test drive. First  was a trip to my old Alama Mater.

UST Main Building
The UST Main Building

2012 10 27 001
This building shall remain unnamed. I understand that while saying that it might sound like an old fogy. But a few elements do stand out, too bad it does not save the whole. 

2012 10 27 002
The Arch of the Centuries. A testament to the longevity of our institution. I may not agree with most of its history, but I am part of it now. 
2012 10 27 003
The Garden in front of the building is certainly seeing better days. I don't think I remember it this well lit. 
2012 10 27 004
Sentinels of UST have stood here almost a century. Not much, compared to the UST that is 400 years old. 

After relieving myself of home sickness it was time to visit another Heritage Landmark, The Luneta Hotel which is now currently under renovation. 
2012 10 27 Luneta Hotel
And to do a little drawing with Urban Sketchers Philippines. 
2012 10 27 007

The second half of the day was spent at KOMIKON. Most of the day meeting heroes and idols in the Philippine Comix scene.
2012 10 27 008 
2012 10 27 011