Amazon Women in the Mood 001

This new project takes checks many boxes in my interests. Futurama, science fiction, amazons, Frank Frazetta drawing amazons, sexy ladies, black and white drawings, sexy ladies,  pen and ink, sexy ladies. You get the point. 

This project focuses on the Episode "Amazon Women in the Mood". Where the cast is marooned on a planet full, and ruled by women. I got this idea about a year ago after getting a new sketchbook.

I started with one that stood out to me, this lovely lady. With here very unique head-dress, while not also the simplest stood out from the 3 main amazon characters and the rest. 


 I did this first sketch  in the middle of last year. did on pen and ink the actual drawing is about 6 inches tall only. Very happy with this drawing but I know this could be done better. 

This was done this weekend final pencils on Canson 15x20 white drawing paper. I used Leona Chirclow as reference on the face I will probably have to fix the eyes a bit.  I will be adding the inks next. 


Leyte in Pens 1

Work in Progress, Finally started on the big pieces.  I still haven't posted the final of the Young Frankenstein piece, I try to get to that when I have a good scanner.

Process 1

Process 2