These were taken on our second day. Still in Nara Womens University. Inside their historic main hall.


Art Deco Philippines - Photo Editing

Recently my proffessor opened his exhibit on Art Deco Architecture in the Philippines. I was given the task to edit the photographs, which basically intailed taking out meters of electrical 'spaghetti' wires. 
The first picture is actualy the Title board for the exhibit. Click on the pictures to embiggen.

Title Board

Vi-Car Building, Ilo Ilo, Philippines

Odeaon Theater, Ilo-Ilo, Philippines

Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines

Pako Building, Pako, Manila, Philippines

Ramon Roces Building, Manila, Philippines

Perez-Samanillo Building, Manila, Phillipines

Villanueva Building, Ilo-Ilo, Philipppines

Banco Nacional de Filipinas, Ilo-Ilo, Philippines

Commercial Building, Manila, Philippines

Bayanihan Hotel and Commercial Building,
Baguio, Philippines

Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company,
Manila, Philippines

Pablo Dulalia Building, Ilo Ilo, Philippines

All Photographs are property of Architect Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo-Noche


Review: STAR TREK (2009)

I myself dislike knee-jerk reactions to any thing. But in today's internet, email, blogger-sphere and and message board era, i find myself drawn to peck at an anonymous keyboard from some undisclosed site typing these words:

Star Trek (2009) is AMAZING. There are simply not enough adjectives to describe it. The level of craft taken from pre-production to the hype is well worth it. The franchise is in very good hands, as exemplified with this installment. A big thank you to all those who made this film for giving us what may be the best film. The actors, writers, producers ( i almost never do that), etc... and the Director. You owe it to yourself to see this movie. And if possible See it in IMAX. It is time and money well spent.

Without a doubt it deserves a 5 out of 5 rating!

In the words of an Enterprise Crew member: "Live long and Prosper"


Lon Chaney by ~glsolo on deviantART

Lon Chaney practice sketch, because of love for the man

Last year, The USA held there most historic elections, living up to their deceleration of equality between all men.

Hooray for Obama! Good on you, and i hope you bring your country back from where it was when you got it.

For now im doing a retrospective of those who did not make history in last years campaign. Mainly because most of them you don't know, and because most of the people that have done art of the winner now have a pending lawsuit.


Inchi by ~glsolo on deviantART
Portrait of a friend

The Wedding Dance

My interpretation of Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio. A Filipino short story in English about the matrimonial traditions in the Northern Philippines.

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife.

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife.
A drawing I did after reading the short story by Manuel E. Arguilla.