Cebu Provincial Capitol

Well here's a find. I was digging through my old sketches. I drew these while I was in Cebu, doing research for my Thesis. After a morning of research I took a walk down Osmena Avenue to the Provincial Capitol Building. Now I wish I had made more drawing. 
If you say that you might not recognize these edifices, it might be because these are illustrations of the back. 
I can't believe I was already Urban Sketching before Urban Sketching was even a thing. :)

Sungduan. Thesis Concept Art

The title of this blog is "Sungduan". It was also the title of my Thesis to receive my B.S. in Architecture degree in 2008. This piece is a reinterpretation of that project. What you see here is deconstruction and reassembly of my final product[Thesis]. It takes out the details and presents only the bold and major elements of the structure. It is not so much a a deconstruction but more of a highlight of major elements, as the parts are still presented here in the same configuration of the actual building design.