Piktaw Comix @ Summer Komikon 2013

On April 13, 2013 the bi-annual Komikon was held at the Bayanihan Center. I had taken part in the Komikon a few times as visitor, once as volunteer in 2011, and now as an Independent Comic Book Creator. 

At #Sk041313 now. #PiktawComix  20130413_101859
P4130877 Look for #PiktawComix at #SK041313

This is all the Indie Comix preparing minutes before Convention Opens. This is my little booth.

 It was pretty cliche what I was feeling that morning. Its the quiet before the storm.

Then it opens and ... BOOM
P4130881 P4130893
The first picture actually illustrates the crush that happened right before 12nn. This would die down and repeat a few times during the day. 

Highlights of the day that I remembered to photograph: (Top Left to Right) My First sale of the day (or ever), and next someone that should be my target audience. He and his lovely friend(they're both lovely for stopping buy) visit and bought a copy of my best selling book. (Middle) Artist extraordinaire Wilson Tortosa visits my site during the afternoon, one of a few artists that popped by and had and exchange of words with me about my work. Apart from artists I also had visits from collectors who were impressed with my non-comic book illustrations. (Bottom) Cosplayers: Was very fun to see theme anywhere, and had a very nice talk with anglophile "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" cosplayer, apologies I should have gotten your name.  

In this part know my friend took my camera and went around the venue to survey the event. One downside about being part of the Indie Tiangge is not getting around the event as much as I want, that aside I could still get around fairly enough.
Philippine Komix veterans showing us how its done. Damn! These guys are good. 

P4130898 P4130899
P4130903 Yet even more artists on the spot. 
Freedom wall. 

Now this was INSANE. Manix Abrera creator of  Kikomachine was signing copies of his new book for over 6 freaking hours! He's probably the rockstar of the event. Well, him and the makers of Trese Budjette and Kajo. Note to the organizers of KOMIKON: Next time please don't put the most popular creators/books next to each other and then place them along the way to the exit.

P4130911 P4130886Nice to see friends on the day too. Jomike Tejido fellow architect and illustrator check out his stuff.

P4130912 P4130914
Found mutual friends with Jomike in Robert Magnuson who I met at last years Komikon and had him critique my work. Also met up with Randy finally, but when I was leaving the event. 


Finally making my way out of Komikon. Bitter sweet as it is it's an experience I enjoyed having and would not think twice about doing it again. Indie Tiangge was a blast. A BIG THANK YOU  to all who bought my books. So happy even with the interest you showed at my table was enough vindication for the work and craft I put in. Sincerely hope you enjoyed it even though one of them is a bit of a bummer. Enjoy. 

P4130916 Oh, who I bumped into at Jollibee.
Life saver.
And BIGGEST THANKS to Jeremy Balagat for the day. You know what you did.

A week of Cons
Well thats part one of my Manila week of conventions. Happily the next one was 4 days away. 4 days I used to play Ni No Kuni and Journey and eating spaghetti all day!

*Photos from the NATCON to follow soon. 


Summer Komikon Preview: Black White

Summer Komikon 2013 Banner

Piktaw ComixI will be part of the Indie Komik Tiangge of Summer Komikon 2013. To be held this Friday April 13, 2013. This is the cover of my first comic book at Komikon titled: Black White. Price 30 Pesos   


Unblinking stare

Unblinking stare. by glSolo
Unblinking stare., a photo by glSolo on Flickr.
She was looking at lizards on the roof for about 15 minutes.