Tacloban Sketches

This weeks sketches are brought to you by the Coca-Cola Company. 

And maybe also Saizen everything 85php coloured pens. Which I took to experiment with this outing. 

Lee[Top], Solo[below]

Me and Ed actually went sketching at the local fairgrounds 2 weeks ago. I was not able to upload it on the day because the city was also experiencing a city wide black out. Then I just forgot about it after and now taking the time to upload these pictures. 

Ed Rompal
Solo Galura

Solo Galura


College Judo Article

Architecture Judo Team:Learning to GET UP after getting TAKEN DOWN
by Solo L. Galura

In JUDO the first thing you are taught, is how to fall properly. To some it is the most uneventful, sometimes painful, and mundane part of JUDO. But it is the most essential. Only after the students have mastered the proper way of falling are they taught how to throw. JUDO translated is JU = Gentle and DO = The Way; JUDO = The Gentle Way. At first glance it is seldom perceived as such. With all the quick throws, falling, the fierce jostling for advantage over your opponent and the occasional bruises in practice and play.

JUDO, a modern sport and martial art rooted in AIKIDO, debuted in the Olympics in the mid 20th Century while still fairly a new discipline. The fact that it was included so early on is a testament to its rise in popularity all over the world. Still today, it has gained more practitioners outside of Japan that has lead to the evolution of the sport. Asked about Judo on the international stage, Japanese Judo Olympic Gold Medalist Toshihiko Koga has said “Modern Judo is World Judo”.

Today in the Philippines, Judo is alive and well. UST annually holds The Judo Goodwill Games in December, open to all students of the University. The University of Santo Tomas is the only University to hold its own Judo Tournament for its students. The tournament is the brainchild of UST Judo Coach Arce, not only as a venue to develop camaraderie, school and team spirit, but also as scouting area for potential talents. Noble amongst this group are our very own Architecture Alumnus who have helped to bring glory to UST. And still to this day the College is represented in the UST JUDO Varsity Team.

In the Inaugural Judo Goodwill games, the College of Architecture managed to bag the Championship. In the succeeding years, though, the college has not been able to regain the top prize, yet still remains dominant, fighting to live in the top 3 by tooth and nail.

The Architecture Judo Club last year was lead by its enthusiastic Team Captain Lindsey Wendy Chua (a veteran of 3 Goodwill games and 2 time medalist) with other veterans Kimberly Chan with her fiery spirit and Inchi Wong with her calm demeanor in competition, and Christie Yeung, set to repeat or improve on their past performances. 2007’s exceptional rookie Ana Katrina Aguilar reached the finals to win Silver on her first year, proving more than a match when pitted against more seasoned players.

With most of the men’s team depleted, the team still boasted with then-veterans consisting of Butch Jamin Rigunan, Henkell Ong Hoa and John Aganda.

Being a growing team, it has welcomed new players like Edward Natividad from the Architecture Basketball Team, Rex John Acdal, and Jerry Orellana.

All the players who have lasted this long have endured every kind of grueling punishment the practitioners of Judo have devised, all the while maintaining their grades, exerting their minds and talents in class. Some do a juggling act with Judo and grades, while some seem to find the right balance, having enough time to put in full effort of mind and body to whatever task they are faced with.

They have been disappointed, broken, beaten and bruised. Trials have taken its toll on this team, depleting its strength and spirits time and again. The team has seen Glory and it has been humbled many times. But none of the players have ever forgotten their first lesson: to fall gracefully, pick themselves up, brush themselves off and bow respectfully.

This article appeared in the 2008 Issue of the UST College of Architecture Vision Magazine.


Horror Icons

As I have stated before if have multiple, interests. And my first love is drawing. Here, i share a my first of many sketches from my Sketchbook. Why would i do this, because basically, i love to draw, and to show it to other people that may appreciate my work would be more inspiring for any artist to continue and better their work. And of course, its better to share. 
I'll draw on anything basically, which is clear on here. I did these on scraps of tracing paper in college. 

Banaue Rice Terraces 09




The Other Side of Heaven

Anne Hathaway's first theatrical release was The Princess Diaries but she had book The Other Side of Heaven first. Production halted on the film while she shot The Princess Diaries, a move which was supported because both films were produced by Disney. 


The Princess Diaries

I've been meaning do pieces about Anne Hathaway in her various movies, all leading up to her role this July in The Dark Knight Rises. I hope to do all her movies before it comes out this month. Oh. . . I have a lot of work to do. 

It's interesting to note on here IMDB notes The Princess Diaries as here first movie, and in the lead role. She was cast in The Other Side of Heaven first but production of The Princess Diaries started first . But this is the first movie I've ever seen her in and I've been smitten ever since. 



I had just found an old drawing on my hard disk and then thought to colour it in to finish it off.