25 randmoe things about me.

ok i just posted this on my facebook and multiply page. since i already thrashed this out there. might as bore you people here as well. if you ever find this site. . .

1. Oh... I just farted!

2. Im an only child, but i had an older Brother. (figure it out)

3. I was named after my grandmother because most of my cousins have been ripping off my grand fathers name.

4. Said grandmother used to bathe me with citrus juice and rub me with a rock, thinking it would make me whiter. (no such luck)

5. I would be crying during and after said bath. And the rest of the family would be laughing. (thank God my aunt stepped in)

6. I started drinking alcohol before i could walk.

7. My mother brought me to her college while she was a student. I was very popular. :D

8. Every time we would have visitors when i was i child, i would perform a song and then receive money. (shortly after i retired from showbiz to focus on my studies)

9. I was an honor student in pre-school. (They had Cable installed at home then... my grades went ... well...)

10. I cant splel that Goob.

11. I've had the same haircut since pre-school to high school, then the last few years of college.(flat top-really flat)

12. I have a love, (not so much as hate, but aversion to technology after watching "The Matrix").

13. I wish i could marry a nice Japanese girl. (ok Korean. No Chinese! Whatever, im not picky. Lucy Liu maybe?)

14. I want to be spider-man.

15. Member of the UST Judo Club.

16. Im probably working while your reading this.

17. I used to go drinking everyday in high school. These days it only takes one Red Horse to knock me out.

18. My first love is drawing. Second is sharpening pencils.

19. While i was a child i used my rubber flip-flops as erasers.

20. In school my classmates would have me perform by saying: "And now a solo by: Solo."

21. One time my father came home, I never recognized who he was.

22. I consider myself to be a very-simple person. But my collection of toys, cd's, dvd's, comics, books & others would say otherwise.

23. I want to build my house on a hill overlooking the sea.

24. I dont get it when Filipinos greet me with "Tumaba ka." or "You've gotten fat."

25. This year I almost died twice in Batad, Banaue. And i still want to go back there.

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