Book Signing with Lan Medina

Nov 7, 2009

It was raining that morning, and i was tucked in thanks to the cool air. I woke to see that it was already passed 11:30-ish & I was already contemplating, not setting foot outside my apartment. By the time i had finished Lunch, the rain had subsided and now my interest was revived. With my new found energy I hopped into the shower and prepared.

Knowing that by the time i would arrive, i resigned myself to the fact that there would be undoubtedly be a long Que. So by the time i got on the train, i headed for the regular booths trailed by extremely long lines: 30+ minutes of my life , Gone!

As always train rides in the metro are uneventful, droning, and draining especially for the unprepared. When partake of this side of Public-Transport, I find myself asking: Have we not yet understood that we are to give way, and alight in an orderly fashion? Do we not understand, that the jostling upon narrow corridors, or openings is unfruitful. Do you not know that if you stand in front of someone who is trying to get out of the door, they can't and that means your CANT FUCKING GET IN THE DOOR TOO!!!

I'm sorry.

Upon arriving at my favorite Comic Books store, i am met with an almost barren establishment. Say for a few hard-core fans, trading insight on their favorite works of Mr. Lan Medina, and amongst them the owner of my favorite Comic book shop holding court. Whilst I browse the bargain bin I listen-in to the conversations taking place beside me. I hear that the lack of presence from the man of the hour, is due mainly to a misunderstanding/scheduling.

Now i wait, take a stroll, and return to sifting through countless back issues I oh-so-want-to-buy, but cant.

An the man himself arrives, he walks in colour-coded all in blue, gray-hairs under a cap, tight-lipped smile across his face.

There weren't much people that day, or maybe i was just there early Looking back on that day now, i guess it was the rain. But I was there and He was there, and in line i tried to contain my excitement, by engaging in conversation with those on the journey to have there items graced by Mr. Medina's Mighty Gloden Pen. I try to compose myself as I near vicinity of a man i looked up to, in his pages.

I got to meet Mr. Lan Medina, asked him some questions that have been gnawing at me since i figured out he didn't continue his run on Fables. He was soft spoken, when he entertained my questions on his recent work. And i believe he would have answered anymore questions. But he was gracious with his time, and it was a pleasure to meet him.

I was able to take some snaps during the signing, i have to be very proud i took these to remember; that day.

This is me(left) and Mr. Medina himself.

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