Today was the deadline for submissions to the Wacom Anime and Manga Contest. I was to finish [even sloppyly] my entry tonight. Oh well, all that i can see now is how to finish it properly rather than rushing through it. It started out with the theme of escape, but then my ideal compositio seem to be beyond my technical skill as a draftsman. Take two would be a conceptual self portrait, until that seemed a bit too stiff. Until i hit upon the concept again of freedome, using the space in full and incorporate every theme that has inspired me. From Belldandy and her sisters, from dragon ball z to Pokemon, from Sailor-moon to Slam Dunk. Sigh

Tonight though was a night of celebration, as a friend said a cheerful goodbye to the office. He is now in the last few stages to becoming a full fleged Architect. We wished him all the best, luck and hope he treats us to more beer in the future.

Two beers seem to be my quota these days as it has been a long time since the High School Days of yor drinking every day, a case of beer between four people. Those days seem like a blur. I guesse it was to be, considering the amount of aclohol we ingested.

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