Be Mine - Robyn - Cherrytree House/Nobel 2008

In my book Robyn qualifies as one of the underexposed pop music artists. The previous statement may not hold true in the western music scene, but I'm almost sure that to this day she get very little air time in my neck -of-the-woods. My ear was turned to her music by a mention on Katy Perry's Twitter. 
I found this gem of a song Be Mine, buried among here other compositions which is on a totally opposite spectrum from most of her music. These versions of Be Mine are live cover / ballad versions of the original.
I honestly wish she would perform more of her music this way stripped down to the bear essentials, exposing the core, as her knack for lyricism and her talent for performing is thrust forward.

The rest of the Cherrytree Session can be heard on Soundcloud. No video, but seeing as I am pushing to highlight her prowess as a singer it would be best to just let her voice just wash over you. 

Side note: I never realized that The Nobel Peace Prize actually held ceremonies of this kind. Go figure. Lovely fact though of asking Robyn to be part of the program. Im really liking that dress.

Robyn's Website
Robyn's Twitter

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