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The interwebs or at least the nerds/geeks/fans are abuzz this week after the news broke of Disney's acquisition of Lucas Films and officially The Star Wars franchise.

I myself believe this is a good thing. Allow me to explain

In 2004 Disney took the reigns of Jim Hensons world. Although it took them a while to get The Muppets to do anything [six years! Seriously?] , it was welcome news, and it would be assured that felt-friends from The Muppets would be moving to a home where they could continue to be loved by generations to come. 

Disney produced the first full-length features by Pixar [Toy Story, A Bugs Life, Monsters Inc...] and everything since then, and has made both parties a lot of money and I have benefited with the most indelible characters I have ever known and will look forward to whatever they make in that partnership. So in 2006 after more than a decade long partnership Disney buys Pixar, then puts the head of Pixar at the head of Disney's Animation Department. I saw Tangled[2011] and loved it and just hours before writing this was bowled over by the top-shelf feature Weck-It Ralph and the lovable short Paperman

Fast-Forward to 2009. Disney acquires Marvel. 
Fresh off the success if IronMan in 2008 which started a ripple effect that gave rise to this years The Avengers. There possibly has been little ill effect from this partnership.

2012. Disney + Lucas Films.
Now [George]Lucas is an industry all to himself. Much like Jim Henson he created characters molded from inanimate objects to believable feeling entities that I know and love. His studio, ILM developed the first bit of rendering software that became Pixars Ace: Renderman. And for any of my collegues in architecture ILM also developed software that would be the basis for 3dMax, Viz and other rendering software.
This pairing of two industries started much earlier that most might think.

Exhibit A:

So if you still think that this merger is a bad thing, GET A CLUE! Disney is now run by creative people, not just one person with an EGO! The worst thing that has ever happened to Star Wars HAS HAPPENED:

and it could get worst but the best might yet be "still-to-come".

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