I feel a slight tingle as i begin to regain the sensation in my hands. My heart has slowly started to regain its natural rhythm. I try to open my eyes. Nothing. I'am motionless in darkness, fearful that i had never even been able to see at all.

Gradually a muffled noise begins to grow. i try to pinpoint the source of the sound in total darkness. and then slowly the darkness gives way to a grey haze,  until it becomes a white haze. My eyes fully opened, they hurt in the blinding light. Then i remembered i had been in cryo-sleep for a few months now and my eyes were merely getting used to the light. With most of my senses in check i see the glass coffin covering me, there is another attack of panic after i realized the limits of my space. My hand shoots up and my palm immediately hits an  invisible barrier. Its glass. Still in panic my other arm shoot up and my heart begins to race. then a cold sweat begins to cover my body. I hear a sharp high pitched muffled sound coming from outside the glass. This does not help sooth my hysteria. Then suddenly i see the silhouette of a persons head appears over my body. The silhouette  now moved there arms over my enclosure accompanied by voices drowned out by the beeping from the outside. Then suddenly a slight hiss, signals air coming in or out. I had been kept in my tube for so long that my senses of smell had grown accustom to the sterile clinical air of the pod. And anything compared to the air from my filtered environment passes as stale.


©2010 Solo L. Galura

This is the opening part of something I wrote in 2010. Reading it now feels a lot like Arthur C Clarke and the  Odyssey books. If you want to read more, ask yourself: "Why?". There are a few more words left, mostly dialogue. It reads like all the set-ups to characters that have been in cryosleep being introduced in the narrative to a reader or viewer(Think Alien, 2010, Prometheus) 

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