Oscar Ramblings 2013 Edition


Let me explain. I'm starting with this for TWO reasons.
1. I'm a Tolkien fan and this is more or less a lock for The Hobbit(2012).
2 The only real contender for this category is missing. Licoln(2012) There is some awesome facial hair going on, that would make Dwarves proud.

(See previous notes) And its maybe just a numbers game. 13 Dwarves gusy! What other achievement is there this year?

This has to be the welcome news to the make up crew, not so much to Anthony Hopkins. 

Oh yeah, Why isn't Anna Karenina in this category? But this is a deserved nomination. It might win because the play will be so beloved.

Pixar has a good track record. But this has not been as resonant as the previous films. I still loved it.

This is Tim Burton coming back in to my heart by making an stop-motion-animated monster movie in Black-and-White.

A breath of fresh-air. Something you would never say about a zombie. Stop motion again.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits
My pick to win. Did you notice that there are 3 stop-motion-animated-features nominated this year. And this was the most fun to watch.

Wreck-It Ralph
I fell in love with the movie from start to end. This is my runner up, a very close runner-up.


Amy Adams
I had the biggest crush on Amy Adams. But after watching this movie. Whoah. She scares me now.
I'm going to need to see Man of Steel soon!

Sally Field
Amazing performance as always. She and Martine Sheen almost saved The Amazing Spider-Man. And in this movie she shines. A total equal to the man.

Anne Hathaway
I may just be biased with this one. She is MY PICK to win it.

Helen Hunt
The dairing to play this role may have been the reason this movie is in the oscars at all. But she really is more of a lead in most of her scenes. Which leads to a possibility of her winning and upsetting any of your oscar pools.

Jacki Weaver
Love this lady, looking forward to anything she does. This there was a great cast for Silver Linings Playbook.   But for most of the time she gets shoved to the side and your quite happy when she pops up again in scenes.

Wow. This category is just fille with fresh faces.
But seriously this is a tough call, not only are they all past winners as Leading Roles but they are really great actors with years of experience than anyone would be envious of.

Alan Arkin
Mr Arkin (see previous paragraph about Jacki Weaver)

Robert De Niro
So good to see Mr. De Niro at the party again. He has been doing good work and now finally hes going to back the big show. Not that he's never invited. It's just not the oscars without Bobby!

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Past winner, should have won for any past nominations. May be the winner for The Master.

Tommy Lee Jones
This is one of the performances in the movie that clearly stands-out in the movie that isn't Sally Field or Daniel Day Lewis.

Christoph Waltz
Christoph Waltz should star in his own Tarantino Movie. And int the first 2/3rds of this movie he did. Seriously it should have been split into two movies like Kill Bill.


Jessica Chastain
Is she the lead? I think the story is the lead. But I guess watching I got the feeling that I was her just hell-bent on this one goal.

Jennifer Lawrence
Man oh man. I love Jennifer Lawrence. And when she's dark Jennifer Lawrence, wait, whats more than "love"? She would have had this in the bag if it were not for...

Emmanuelle Riva
Just saw Amour tonight. Showing the deterioration of a person. Great performance, but I'm never watching this movie again.

Quvenzhané Wallis
What a revelation she is I look forward to seeing her future work.

Naomi Watts
Great performance, in such a harrowing movie. Her scenes compelling but I think this spot should switch with Helen Hunt. But then we'd be sure that she'd never really win.


Bradley Cooper
Oh Bradley, man I so want you to win. But it weren't for "The DDL" you may have it. Who knows it might be like Tom Hanks winning for Philadelphia. Total surprise.

Daniel Day-Lewis
Might actually be the greates living actor of his generation. And might actually pick up his 3rd Best Actor oscar tonight.

Hugh Jackman
Amazing actor, can play a multitude of roles easily. Superhero, singer, performer. He may be the only actor that could challenge Daniel Day-Lewis. There is nothing you cannot do. And former host of the oscars, so you might stand a chance. Thats how it works right?

Joaquin Phoenix
This turn as a disturbed persone might not have been a stretch for Juaquin. Who knows these days.

Denzel Washington
is Flight. The crash and his performance in that crash was worth the price of admission.


Michael Haneke
For taking those two actors to deliver the subject of the movie. Well deserved nomination sir.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Benh Zeitlin
I look forward to seeing him again in this category. Seriously.

Life of Pi
Ang Lee
I've read the book long before any news of a movie. People said this movie was unfilmable. Just give him the oscar now.

Steven Spielberg
He already has two. We know he's good. He made a movie about people in a room talking. He made that great. Making a movie that lives on forever may be enough of an accomplishment.

Silver Linings Playbook
David O. Russell 
Much like Mr. Haneke he took great actors and delivered a great movie. But it would be a surprise if he took home the oscar tonight.


It's nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, Original Screenplay, and Director. If it wins one of those. It's not going to get best picture. Its is a good movie, but best picture?

Now this is a movie about Hollywood essentially. Big chance this might win since its been getting top prize at most of the other award shows.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
The little movie that could. Never had a smaller movie bag the biggest prize.

Django Unchained
The second in a series of revenge flicks from Tarantino gets a nomination. As it should. But I still like Basterds better.

Les Misérables
This should be here because the finally made a popular  opera into a popular movie.

Life of Pi
I really hope this wins. A double win for Ang Lee!

Everything about this movie is right event the timing. But I still wish Life of Pi would win.

Silver Linings Playbook
Certainly a movie that will be on repeat on my player when I get the Blu-Ray! You don't really need this award.

Zero Dark Thirty
I'd pick Lincoln before this, for importance to the american history.

I have never been so happy to be so wrong.

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