Art Deco Philippines - Photo Editing

Recently my proffessor opened his exhibit on Art Deco Architecture in the Philippines. I was given the task to edit the photographs, which basically intailed taking out meters of electrical 'spaghetti' wires. 
The first picture is actualy the Title board for the exhibit. Click on the pictures to embiggen.

Title Board

Vi-Car Building, Ilo Ilo, Philippines

Odeaon Theater, Ilo-Ilo, Philippines

Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines

Pako Building, Pako, Manila, Philippines

Ramon Roces Building, Manila, Philippines

Perez-Samanillo Building, Manila, Phillipines

Villanueva Building, Ilo-Ilo, Philipppines

Banco Nacional de Filipinas, Ilo-Ilo, Philippines

Commercial Building, Manila, Philippines

Bayanihan Hotel and Commercial Building,
Baguio, Philippines

Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company,
Manila, Philippines

Pablo Dulalia Building, Ilo Ilo, Philippines

All Photographs are property of Architect Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo-Noche

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