The first day of trip to Japan. We arrived at Kansai International Airport during a rainy, windy night.

Taking a picture without people in a public space is hard. But thankfully these Gals are a lovely addition to the whole picture.
  Patiently Waiting

Portal to Japan

Arriving at Kansai Airport the Gang waited for our tour manager to get out rail-pass. I gave us ample time to gawk at our new surroundings and get in some nice photo-ops. Now i don't know what the designer was thinking when this was added to the plans but it sure does give us aspiring architects something to look forward to in our careers.


It simply beautiful to me: rhythm.

Blur of the Moment

[from left to right] Our Wonderful guide Doc Amy,James and Ted.

The Dreaming
The lovely view outside gives us pause to contemplate.

The Cram

The wait to disembark the first of many train rides in the course of out tenure in Japan.


The Hall

Hapunang Hapon

Nip at Night

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