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Its february again an the Nominees for this years Oscars are in. Some of these films ive seen, most i've not, many im pretty sure ill only get to see after the Oscars most probably on DVD, and not my prefered theaters.
My problems aside the list this year, is quite a unique. in that is is a collection of the usuall suspects, on-again-off-again nominees and a few sprinkling of "newcomers"

one of my favorites this year has to be the category for Best Perfomance by an Actress in a Leading Role. Mighty among them is the great Meryl Streep. Again breaking the record for most nominations, with 16, in a role that is as fun to watch as it was probably for her to play. As Meryl's performance is amazing, the supporting cast was no throw away. Which sad since none of the other actors/actresses got nods from the Academy. Even the writing of this fun little feel good movie must have been on the voting bodies radar. But sadly no, thankfully Meryl's nomination is rightly there.

Most of these other films i have not seen yet, but i was to base it on popualrity, Sadra Bullock, in The Blind side seams a shoe in to take best Actress.Helen Mirren is in the running for her role as Tolstoy's wife in The last station. Helen recently won the Leading Actress Oscar for her portrayl of Queen Elizabeth, a few years back, is like Meryl an is established name in the History of cinema. Even though she might be a long shot at winning this year, she has had an illustrious career that would stand the test of time. So dont cry for her when she doesnt win. And i wouldnt bet on her either if you have an oscar pool at the office or with friends. Gabourey Sidibe in Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Saphire would be to most synics "Oscar-bate", it certainly looked that way, a young female in a minority, abused, overweight, and single mom, living in public housing, to some thats worthy of award, to most thats life. Bringing to life those qualities in the faculties of a relatively young actress -based on what ive seen in previous- certainly is worthy of all the merits she has been bestowed on her.
Carey Mulligan and An Education, are two things i had never heared of, until the BAFTAS. But i look forward to seeing it soon.

Moving on to Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, it seems a winner is a harder one to pin down. Firstly "Up in the Air" nabbs two nominations with Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick. Now this is a hard one, both of these roles were actually more interesting to me atleast in the movie, but having them both vying for the same award is a a bit of a problem. Yes you might say that they probably might win because they have double the power, but in most cases they would most probably cancel each other out. Love seen these two nominated for the first time, especially Anna Kendrick, why in only a few years after Rocket Science and more recently Twilight and New Moon, has landed a nomination for a role that was writen specifically for her. I cant wait to see waht she does next, and i cant wait to get a copy of the lastes issue of Vanity Fair. Last years winner Penelope Cruz is back in Nine, a musical filled with todays best collection of thespians. Why is she the only one nominated? I dont know, my guesse is as good as yours, i havent even seen this movie yet. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays inspertion in Crazy Heart, yet another movie ive not seen. No worries there i actually like American Country Music so ive been scouring for a copy of this movie for a while. Mo'Nique in Precious may be the best bet to win in this year.
She took the Golden Globe this year, so shes got the prerequisite award, now lets see if the academy agrees.

Now lets veer away from acting now to acutal features, specifically animated features. the formation of the Best Animated Feature Film of the Year award to me is the academy saying that they would never think of placing another Cartoon in the Best Picture category. But this year they did place UP directed by Pete Docter in the running for Best Picture, so im eating my words now. But honestly I feel that Wall*E was a superior film. UP pretty much had it in the bag were it not for other equally if not better movies in the running. Coraline directed by Henry Selick. Adapeted from the book by the same title, written by Neil Gaiman, the movie can be seen as one of the most literal translations of a book to a film. With all of the charactes coming to life, in what looks like a Burton-esq world. It would have been great to see it here in the theaters in the Philippines, probably there are no fans of Neil Gaiman working in the theaters, which seams ludicris since Neil Gaiman since Neil has a large readership in the country, and he has already traveled here twice. Realy? Nobody was able to connect the dots for that? Fantastic Mr. Fox is the brought to us by Wes Anderson, in slightly gittery stopmotion. But this retelling of a Dahl classic has the mark of Anderson all over it, and the final product is exquisit. Yes the animation appeals to kids, but the story and the protagonist may have something for adults aswel. Lets not forget in the first few years, shrek won over Monsters Inc. because of the mixing elements for kids and adults. Now on to Disynes second nomination this year, and Disneys return to hand drawn animation, The Pricess and the Frog, still have not seen it, though its playing in cinemas right now, but something about it just doesent seem to catch me as much as teh previously mentioned front runners. The Secret of Kells seems like a gem, this i have to watch this story in nature soon aswell. over all its a great mix of traditional hand drawn, digital media, and stop motion.

Acting, but now on the fellows. There is anything but a sure thing in the nominees this year. George Clooney in "Up in the Air" is this years most promessing newcomer. Just kidding. This has to be probably George Clooneys most beloved role. For me its still Batman. Not kidding. Even in the trailer you knew there was something special to this. This might be his year, and he didnt even have to put weight on. If he does win that would be another great opening line from him when he accepts the award. The person most possible to take home the little golden man this year Jeremy Renner. Not the most dialouge compared to the other nominees but still a very strong preformance, a character that only unfolds near the end of this not so common, low budget war movie. First time film maker Tom Ford gave the lead in A Single man to Colin Firth. Good move, finally giving us a Colin Firth performance with a lot of meat. And if youve seen the pool scene in the movie, you know what meat im talking about. But in all seriousness the Colin Firth playing a man coping is a must see. Jeff Bridges says that the story for Crazy Heart started years ago when he did a jam session with top Country music star friends. So i dont know if this role is just Jeff living out the dream. MOrgan Freeman now takes the role he was born to play. In actuallity, Nelson Mandela chose Morgan to play him. The voice is spot on, the accent undoubtibly Mandela, but we will see if Morgan Freemans transormation is enough to give him his LEADING Actor Award.

I could probably see a sure thing in the categy for best Actor Supporting Role. Ill start with two that i have no idea to tackle. The Messenger is another feather in the cap for Woody Harrelson. Seening him recently in Zombieland, and him getting an oscar nomination a month later is great news. If you would see this mans CV, you would see one of the most divers list of projects under one name. Matt Damon plays South African Rugby, bleaches his hair and speaks in a very cool South African Accent. Learning Rugby to play a role in no small feat. And like his costar. Plays a real person. So anyone can actually gauge his performance to the real South african Captain. Lovely Bones' Stanley Tucci plays, Mr. Creepy pedophile neighboor, and plays him well. Thankfully he isnt actually any of those so the cast must have been very at ease working with Stanley. I can see why, this was chosen over Paul Child in Julie and Julia. But i still can argue -in cooking terms- that: the few dabbes of stanleys performance in Julie and Julia was a great accent to the flavor of the movie. Stanly for me has the best chance of taking the Oscar from the two Chris'. Lets begin with Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Bastards. I have to agree with Adam Carolla's ass kissing on this one. Every second he is on screan, you are totally transfixed on his pressence. From the very fist scene in the farm house to the last scene in the forest, your gave is locked on him and what he may do. He plays the calm vicious 'Jew Hunter'. He speaks 3 languages in the opening scene alone. And with equal depth of his partner in the scene, they diliver great performances filling you with enough tension that you feel week right after the scene is over. He was menacing, withing only saying very little and you knew if he was looking for you, he would find you, like the Terminator or Anton Chigur in No Country for Old Men, which gave Javier Bardem the Oscar for Actor in a Supporting Role. And last but not the least Christopher Plummer, after having seen him recenty play Parnassus, it was a revelation to see Christopher Playing Tosltoy. Classing him as a supporting role category seems wrong to me. The Last Station, i may not have seen yet but, i understand that this movie is more of a duet, Hellen and Christopher make this movie. But i guess that gives Christopher the edge over the other nominees.

Well thats my two cents. whats yours?

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