Shukkeien Bride

We toured Japan Last year. A goroup of students, faculty and Alumnus from UST Architecture. And during our last days in Hiroshima was a visit to the Shukkeien Garden. It was first on the days itinerary. During our quiet little walks around pristine garden we notice a group of people dressed in total traditional garb, accompanied by a group of Photographers. They were going around the garden picking out spots. Then they moved closer to where i had gone to. I thought this would be a good time to get a photograph. So i rushed down, slowing down as i passed their group. Im sure they knew what i was up to. And placed my self in a little hut. And from this vantage point i could see her. And I'm Pretty sure they could see me. I made very little attempt at hiding what i was going to do. And stared at them trying to gauge proper composition. Their photographer was giving her instructions. And during this time i pointed my camera at her and SHE notice ME. And i believe she gave me this smile. This was her gift to me. A big thank you to this lady.

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