I Just Want You To Be Happy

This is one of my favourite characters in the Pigs In Spirit series. And this drawing I requested as a fan. A BIG THANK YOU to Iris Yan -creator of the Pigs series. 

I've been a fan of  Pigs In Maputo since I discovered it back in 2008. That seems like forever ago.

The Pigs comic strip has grown since then and has branched out to other areas outside of Africa. It seems also autobiographical for the creator of the web comic since it tackles personal stories about family and culture. The web comic has varying topics like race, family, spirituality, food, travel and even sex (if you have kids, you might want to screen these out).

The simplicity in the presentation of Pigs is what I most love about the series. Assigning animal totems to the people around here reminds me of Maus by Art Spiegeleman. Art Spiegelman utilized animal methaphors to show the absurdity of dividing people[Holocaust] and in the end "ment to self-destruct in my book."

This in now way diminishes the what the artist has done. And for any of the fans [like me] don't really care because there is more than meets the eye certainly in this series.

Here are a few samplings you might enjoy:

 And as an added bonus Iris talks about travel but not really. *smiles* Viagens da Iris - Iris' Travels


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