Wolverine Bust Project

Originally posted February 13 2008 on Multiply.

The Original

This is  the project. A 5 inch high cast of a wolverien bust , showing  his  head to waist.  i bought it a  the  Annual Philippine TOYCON last year,  for  what i can remember  to be a bit pricy. It was sub-par , dusty and  apart from the green-goblin  cast, was the coolest one there. 
Almost 9 months  hve passed since ive bought  it. Ive been putting it off due to academic commitments, on the side ive been agonizing how to work; first on the obvious problem -the Claws. and secondly on parts of his anatomy -which im guessing are his muscles-  that look like  baloons stretched  out too far then deflated.

First off was the cleaning, of the dust then drying with a towel. I began with deconstricting the model, by taking off his claws then chizzling and sanding down any parts that stick out too much due to casting.

Smoothing down the surface would be done after all the adjustments would be finalized.

The new claws would be constructed form fastfood plastic forks.  The idea came from my friend  who pointed out that the  forks -especially the two points in the middle- had the perfect teardrop shape quite simmilar to those of the original claws in the comics

The biggest challenge of the claws was the scale and the materials. Anyone whos eaten at a fastfood joints would know that these forks would break after applying little pressure to your meal. For anyone trying this technique, the best results would be obtained using clippers to cut off the fork ends to at points farthest from the parts your trying to use. Then by using a metal-filer of some sand paper. is to smoothe down the exxess sides and in the same shading the edge of the claws to have that sharp edge look. .

After finnishing off the the claws, i would be moving on to the metal ports that are the exit poits of the claws on wolveriens hands.

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