Podcast Mafia: Russell Brand

I have set up a new challenge for myself. To push my digital painting technique. I am going to do a series based on my favourite internet programs. Podcasting is still very niche especially in my corner of the world but the wealth and span of ideas being broadcast through out the world is wide and varied as well as entertaining. 

Russell Brand hosted a show together with Matt Morgan and Mr. Gee wit recurring guest Noel Gallagher. Starting in 2006 with co-host Trevor Lock and Matt Morgan starting at BBC Radio 6 and a rise in popularity prompting moves to BBC Radio 2 and the possibility of Russell considered for the roll of the 11th doctor. The show abruptly ended after October 18 2008 after a broadcasting controversy that saw the resignations of BBC Radio 2 Controller Lesley Douglas and Russell Brand a week later and guest host (BBC broadcasting icon) Jonathan Ross a year later.

Russell returned to the airwaves temporarily in December 2010 on UK based TalkSport Radio.

Listen to an episode of BBC Radio 2 The Russell Brand show from July 29 2008 here.
*Please be aware that the following program contains adult material. But very few adults.* 

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