Review : Fulltime Killer[2001]

Directed by Johnnie To, Ka-Fai Wai

Fulltime Killer is the story of two assassins. The flamboyant Tok(Andy Lau) and the the quiet O(Takashi Sorimachi), then there is Chin(Kelly Lin) who is set as the love interest. It is also presented as a kind of Noir film with a interpol/police officer(Simon Yam)narrating while in pursuit of both men.

Both hitmen are the best in asia, O ranked #1 and Tok ranked #2. Each man brings something different to their work. O, dispatches his marks with quiet intensity and precision of Swiss watch, tying up any and all loose ends along the way. While Tok has a flair for theatrics, being so glory hungry that he takes off his mask in front of a security camera as a kind of taunt or invitation. Antics like these are usually the reason why he is number 2 as one of his clients would remind him.

The plot steps into a drama aspect quite a bit as melancholy O reminisces about a former lost love, who he only hires as a maid and stalks here through his apartment window.

The stylishness of this picture comes from the directors, who, at the time, were lauded for giving new life to Asian action movies.I don't know if i can draw a direct line from this to the current surge of Asian action movies like The Raid: Redemption If I can't: Who cares? Andy Lau is one Bad-Ass-Good-Looking-MoFo!

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