Avila Siblings

This "friend" of mine has an incredible talent for song and music, and is never one to shy away from sharing it. Don't worry he's only wearing the hat to hide his pretty eyes. Ah, Filipinos and their Karaoke. They're like water is to soup, one cannot exist without the other. Although the Japanese are giving us a serious run for our money. Hats of to lee for attempting this song. Now for a little bit of a break, and another rendition of Kiss from a Rose from the TV show Community. Now for the other half of this post is Clar. If you liked this song you can find the lyrics here. Now for a preformance that is as some would say a bit more relaxed. And I will say better than any number that Glee can pull off. Now for some range, which she has in spades. For more of these go to his YouTube page, he is user fungoose.

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