Sending more than just Prayers and wishes

In December 16, 2011 the Southern part of the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Sendong. Iligan and Cagayan de Oro are now in need of HELP. Food, clothing, medicine, and anything that you can do to help my poor, battered, suffering countrymen will be of greatest value especially this Christmas Season to those who would receive it.  

On a lighter note, while back home here in Tacloban City, it warms my heart that the spirit of giving has visited the residents of our little patch of earth. Stereo Sushi a local dining establishment here in Tacloban City,  held  donation drive for the victims of  Typhoon Sendong. And so they came to share their surplus with those less fortunate. 

Photos Courtesy of Lina-Vanessa Paulsen

The event was a success to say the least donations poured in until late in the evening. And all people pitched in toe sort and pack items ready for delivery. 

[L tp R] Niña Bañez-Cerdiña[Stereo Sushi]
Ryan Samuryeski Cerdiña[Patik Tattoo Studio]
Danika Cristyn C, Astilla[The Lush Garden]

The main event was certainly the packing and surely if the amount that we gave that night would be any indication, this event is certainly rated a success. 
The mood throughout was not sombre. To accompany the night was a little entertainment. One of the highlights would be when the owner and Chef of Stereo Sushi himself took the stage for a performance.

All in all it was a great night, thanks to the nice music, the new people I met , to the dinner courtesy of my friend Lot-Lot ... 


and especially since the night enforced my view that there are still people who in their heart-of-hearts are GOOD.

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