History is written by the winners

I have certainly never been one to latch on to a fad. And for most of my life I feel good that I have never "go(ne) with the flow". This sometimes is a detrement to me for example: When Carlos Santana's album Supernatural(1999), I resisted to listening to the first single Smooth until it was loosing its top spot in popular music charts. And I was floored by musicianship at it highest form. But then there are instances where I am quite happy with not associating with the fray. I have been subjected to usual programming of the local media simply because of proximity - ease of access if you will. Thankfully during my childhood we had cable. And rather than watch the local channels like ABS-CBN, GMA, and or ABC, I consumed other acronyms like CNN, NBC, TNT, HBO and CN(Cartoon Network).

I should first lay out my cards. I come from Region VIII of the Philippines SPECIFICALLY, Tacloban City. Most of you who have not yet been brainwashed to a certain extent will realize the importance of the previous sentence. If not let me spell it out for you. I come from a province where Imelda Marcos' family comes from. If you want to call me a 'Marcos Loyalist', feel free to do so. BUT, keep in mind, THAT PHRASE and anything YOU associate it with is for YOUR narrow-minded understanding.

Now. On with the Show. :)

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