Puentes de España en las Filipinas

Today my Mentor/Adviser/Professor/Friend is launching his new book at the Beato Angelico Builiding, University of Santo Tomas, España, Sampaloc, Manila.

This book is another achievement for Philippine architecture and history. This book also has a special meaning for me since I in my own small way I contributed to it. I accompanied Architect Noche during the Eastern Visayas leg of his research trip. That was quite the trip in 2007, an experience never to forget, and quite possiblly a turning point in my view of my profession.

And if you wish to grab a copy of this book it is available at the UST Publishing House. Architect Manuel Maximo Lopez del Castillo - Noche is also a professor at The College of Arcitecture in UST, so if you see him there when you purchase your copy you can ask him to sign it.

This is a photo of  that trip in 2007. Von(left in the green shirt) his assistant, Architect Noche(middle), and Mr. Rodrigo(Right) our trusty driver/mechanic/bodyguard for the Region VIII leg of our trip.


  1. I'm from overseas, can I buy online?

  2. I'm not sure if it will be available on-line.You could ask http://publishinghouse.ust.edu.ph about details. Thank you for the interest.